Your Home

We build traditionally elegant rural homes, with good design and a high quality build.
Pride in the job, attention to detail and good specification are key to a bespoke new home.

We aim to build a new home with Character, as alot of people say they dont want a new home as it has no character, so we instill bespoke detail and unique layouts so no 2 houses are the same. With Jonathan working on site and able to respond to any questions on site and not developing multiple sites at once there is a personal touch for the build and the customer right through the process. The build is monitored personally by Jonathan, and the local building authority, and the NHBC. It will be built to last and we aim to exceed expectations.

How we differ

We use the same teams of local highly skilled Subcontractors on every site, so they work well together and understand each others roles on site.
The ‘fabric first approach’ making an extremely thermally efficient home, exceeding  regulations. Very High levels of insulation, especially focused in the external walls,as these are such a big part of the surface area for the building. Loft insulation has been a focus for a long time and is at a virtual maximum thickness for amount vs thermal gain. Thick insulation under the floor aswell. The belief in the insulation of the house being excellent, what ever way it is heated now or in the future, costs will be kept to a minimum for that property. LED and low energy lighting throughout the home. All new homes are pressure tested for thermal loss, and we acheive optimum results for this, much more than is needed to ‘get by!!’

Triple glazed so a quiet and efficient home, and toughened glass for security. Multi point locks and anti lift hinge and antiprise hinge bolts. Alarms installed to new homes. Everything is new and completed to a high standard. Quality assured, A1 NHBC reg house builder, Local building control. All required warranties and certification provided.

Underfloor heating downstairs to most all properties. An awesome addition to any home. Water pipes encapsulated in a screed is a very efficient heat and lovely underfoot especially on tiled floors. Use Local Suppliers, David Charles top quality kitchens, Simply Bathrooms excellent range of suites etc. The houses obviously have to be built to a budget and price range but we do not cut corners and would not compromise just to save a few pounds. We want you to be happy with your new home.

Details such as splitting the cold supply to the showers, so more than one person can shower at once without temperature fluctuation, and dramatic loss of pressure. Security Alarm, numerous sockets, TV and BT points well spread around the home. Opportunity to personalise your home if reserved at right stage during construction. Efficient and controlled heating. 4 zones underfloor heating, radiators, towel rails and hot water, all on separate times clocks and thermostatically controlled.

Our more expensive homes will be as good, or better, a specification as you will find in any new home. But specification varies depending on the cost of you home, size layout etc.